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Sick on holiday - Gran Canaria Vacation with medical attendance

Are you sick? Still want to holiday?

Gran Canaria Vacation with medical attendance Sickness and holidays can be possible. You can travel to Gran Canaria with our help!

There are a number of chronic diseases that make it hard to go on a spontaneous holiday trip. People who are, for example, in the middle of a cancer therapy or people who suffer from severe asthma, must prepare thoroughly before they can take their suitcase and just fly to a nice destination. But even with chronic and severe diseases you can travel! To be ill on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your vacations. If you are well prepared and if you have trustful medical assistance on site there is no reason why you should not have a relaxing time away from home.

The medical center NATURMEDICAN Gran Canaria offers treatment and maintenance for many chronic diseases. In addition to conventional medicine, we also offer naturopathic methods to help protect the already weakened body of the patient. We specialize in the field of alternative cancer treatments. Our effective combination of conventional medicine and alternative medicine is one of the reasons we have had so much success.

Contact us and let us plan your stay on the stunningly beautiful island of Gran Canaria, renowned for its mild climate all year round. No matter what kind of medical care you need: we are at your disposal so that you can enjoy your holiday despite illness.

Health center NATURMEDICAN

You would like to go on holidays and you need medical attendance?

Come to the wonderful island Gran Canaria and spend relaxed holidays while being attended by a professional team of doctors.

NATURMEDICAN | Avenida Tirajana 14 | 35100 Playa del Inglés | Phone: (0034) 928 – 761 796



English speaking doctor on Gran Canaria

Sick on holiday

No one wants their illness to spoil their holidays! We are a medical center in Gran Canaria, where English is spoken. Our amazing team of doctors consist of both: classical general practitioners and experts of naturopathy. If you are visiting the Canary Island and become ill here, we are here to assist you. We speak your language and offer a wide range of modern therapies that will make you quickly recover.

Sick on vacation – nobody wants to have such an experience! English speaking medical professionals on site who treat you competently, without waiting.

The medical center NATURMEDICAN is located in the tourist area of Playa del Inglés and is easily accessible for travelers. From traditional therapies to complementary and alternative medicine, you find professional medical care in our health center. Whether you need a GP or you are looking for a naturopath or need a prescription, please do not hesitate to contact us, because your wellbeing is important to us.



Hotel Rey Carlos

Avenida Tirajana 14

35100 Playa del Inglés

Telefon: (0034) 928 – 905242

Allgemeinmedizin & Naturheilkunde


  • Ozontherapie
  • Akupunktur
  • Homöopathie
  • Nichtrauchertherapie
  • u.v.m.


Behandlung von:

  • Ermüdungserscheinungen
  • Arthrose
  • Alzheimer
  • Alternative Krebstherapie
  • u.v.m.